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Compute MD5 or SHA hash of large file efficiently on iOS and Mac OS X September 7, 2010 29 Comments

Computing cryptographic hashes of files on iOS and Mac OS X using the CommonCrypto APIs is fairly easy, but doing it in a way that minimizes memory consumption even with large files can be a little more difficult… The other day, I was reading what some people were saying about this on a forum about […]

Draggable Screen Ruler for Web Development January 25, 2009 1 Comment

When doing some web development work, I used to use Screenshot Plus to measure the width of some elements. While this Mac OS X widget is very handy, it wasn’t very appropriate for this job: it required me to load Mac OS X’s Dashboard, activate Drag a picture in the widget, drag around what I […]

Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X May 13, 2008 10 Comments

Having to use Tomcat for an important project I am working on, I installed it on my Mac. However, in the beginning, I didn’t make much effort: I just uncompressed the official archive in my /usr/local, and I was able to start and stop Tomcat manually, that’s all… But today I decided to learn a […]